There are several ways to work with Truth & Spectacle, we strive to give our clients the facts and the magic they need to improve their businesses. We scale each phase depending on your project and objectives.

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Creative Business Analysis

Data collection and industry bench-marking gives you a view of areas for improvement with a Creative Business Score. This benchmark rates a company’s creativity objectively and informs competitive business decisions. We compare similar businesses, rather than just famous businesses.

Creative Business Plan

A Creative Business Plan offers clear actions which can used by business leaders to motivate internal change and provide a clear road map to build more value. This proposal includes metrics for impact measurement and is the brief for the Integration and Execution phases.

Creative Business Integration

Communication and design thinking needs to be embedded in the business culture if it's going to consistently improve effectiveness, quality, and speed to market. We offer bespoke workshops, training, talks, translating and creative direction to facilitate this.

Creative Business Execution

Ideas need to be made. Our highly awarded and experienced consultants provide Integrated Creative Direction to execute the creative plan, for a business or a project. That can include concepts, production, recruitment, stakeholder management, etc. 

Project Evaluation

Of course, after all is said and done, we assess our creative impact and find areas for improvement.