Millions of Women - Video


In 2005 I started drawing project to see how many times I could do the same drawing and still keep it interesting. I chose a nice round number, 1000, and started drawing. I used a simple system, 20 similar poses were drawn 50 times each. Each pose is in the same place on the page as the previous so that, when you run them together in a sequence the composition flickers rather than jumps around. They are all digital drawings done in Photoshop and Painter and it took me 3 and half years to complete.

I realised that when you have 1000 of anything you can make a lot of things. Like the music video above. It's remixed/edited by Alison Gordon of Relish with music by Silent Joe of Toronto.

You can see the basic sequence here.

I'm in the process of making more. If you're interested in creating something. Contact me.