The Barbarian Group 2008 Model


The Barbarian Group are a company of people who I've admired for a few years, I've even been been lucky enough to deal with them. They're smart, unafraid and create the future of interactive, rather than waiting for Adobe to create the tools. They've recently launched a new version of their site. Well, a totally redesigned, rethought version of a site. It's a tool that, if the blog is to be believed, is integrated into their workflow for inward and outward transactions. I'm no savant, but I am one of those guys who's yearned for such a system. You publish once for internal and external review. We'll never get to see it unless we work with them, but I love the fact that they have sunk so much R&D and sheer mind-numbing hours into a personal project to make their business better. The personal efforts of all their staff in the project reflect a company in good stead. Everybody blogs for Barbarian.

They're known for their sexy public facing sites, but take a huge amount of pride in their technical prowess to make clever ideas happen on mass scales. Their new site reflects that very well. Especially in their attempt to explain the density of what they actually do to non-tech people (clients/agencies) in a friendly way. They even have a tip sheet for Art Directors (silly people like me).

They say they're all about Interactive. I'm going to assume they don't just mean the WWWeb. Because in my opinion every element of communication, even the old-fashioned ones are being rethought, and I'd love to see what TBG do with them.