I.O.U. A Plastic Island - Welcome to Tomorrow

Last night Barack Obama became the poster child of optimists the world over. It was a remarkable piece of history and he was not wrong when he stated that his election was not the Change that needed to be made. The Change still needs to be done.

Here are two Changes that need to be dealt with. They effect everyone. One is a problem of the USA, the other is a problem that is the World's.

I'm not posting these pieces just for their educational value, that's not what I'm about really. They are excellent, startling and scary presentations of BIG problems in graphic and compelling ways. I.O.U.S.A is a 30 minute free version of their film released as a public service. Obviously you can buy the rest of the content to get the real detail, but the precis is more than enough to start with. The VBS.tv documentary is distributed through their own digital channel that is ad supported (I'm not sure where the link is with Rockband (the game) and environmental meltdown, other than their ridculous packaging).

The content delivered for both is remarkable. Worth learning from and learning about.


I.O.U.S.A, the documentary explaining the United States 8.7 Trillion Dollar debt and it's implications has released a 30 minute cutdown on Vimeo. This is perhaps the scariest film since An Inconvenient Truth and you should spend the time to educate yourself on what it's about and what it means to your future. Words cannot explain the magnitude of the crisis, so they use pictures to help us understand.


VBS.tv have created a 12 part documentary of their journey to the island of plastic that sits in the Pacific Ocean. It is not a myth. It is not going away. This will change the way you think about plastic.

ps. Remember to Invest in Yourself.