Jonathan Ives - Q&A

Apple Cube

The British Design Museum have a cool Q&A with Jonathan Ives. If you don't know who I'm referring too, look at your iPod, your iMac, your Powerbook, your Apple TV... He is the Senior VP of Design at Apple and was the design force behind the resurgence of Apple. Interestingly he was not hired when Steve Jobs returned to the fray but by the former regime. I'm glad he stuck around because, even though it was a little buggy at times, I loved my Cube.

I thought his reasoning for joining Apple is interesting:
"One of my reasons for joining Apple had been a frustration associated with consulting. Working externally made it difficult to have a profound impact on product plans and to truly innovate. By the time you had accepted a commission so many of the critical decisions had already been made. Increasingly I had also come to believe that to do something fundamentally new requires dramatic change from many parts of an organisation."

I often pull my hair out when presented with a brief for a product that needed intervention about 2 years before I see it.

Have a read over your coffee.