Joy Ang - Talent and Charm

 Joy Ang 01

Joy Ang is hopefully indicative of the new wave of illustrators and creative people taking over the world. As comfortable with Pikachu snowmen as she is with 3D modelling software. That, and she has talent! Most of the stuff she touches turns out great and she's still a student. I was recently checking portfolios at the Academy of Art in San Francisco and her stuff is a level above, what is by my experience and their reputation, an awesome school. Alberta School of Art and Design must be doing something right.

More specifically, Joy Ang is doing something right and I reckon she'll have a great career. I can't wait to see what her style develops into. I really enjoy her design aesthetic and her arsenal of techniques is impressive. (If you're a fan of James Jean you'll recognise a fellow fan in Joy.)

So, look at this portfolio of treasures and keep an eye on Joy. Make sure you check out the Sketchbook.

Joy Ang - Monkey