Glen E. Friedman - Sweet Talk Interview

When the Dogtown guys were inventing skateboarding, when punk splashed onto the streets and hip hop dug itself out of the dark, Glen E. Friedman was there. Really. He took the photos that documented these worlds and brought them to the rest of us. This is an interview that was done at SweetTalk ,an informal presentation series. They're releasing these interviews slowly at Veer at this one is definitely worth the watch. The guy is really interesting and speaks from his gut. Very inspiring for any creator.



ps. I've just finished a book called The Tipping Point where they talk about Mavens. People who get information before anyone else and then can't help but spread the word. This guy is a Maven. An insider.

pps. He also has a great diatribe about the faux Terry Richardson crap photography movement. Knowing a few horrified photographers, I say amen.