The Democratization of the Mosaic

Mosaic - Prada

In advertising you sometimes get briefs that say things like: "it's for everyone, it's made up of all of us", "there is tremendous range (and we want it all in one print ad)", "we want to express diversity and cohesion". For literal clients who want the strategy as the ad and lazy creatives the traditional fall back is the mosiac. "You see," say I to the client, "this execution shows the COLLECTIVE of INDIVIDUALS who embody the SPIRIT of your brand and product and they all UNIFY to show your MARK 3 PHOTOCOPIER."
Client buys it. I feel dirty.

No longer.

The mosaic option is now so easy for anybody to make that it has become a standard web tool. This makes me very happy, the mosaic as mediocre solution to stupid brief is officially DEAD.

Go here, make mosaics of puppies, kittens and your naked self until the end times.

ps. I never noticed until now how Maoist most company strategies are.