Design Observer - Writings on the Wall and Other Places


If you work in the design industries, you may sometimes be tempted to think about your partcular niche of this calling. Perhaps, you have profound thoughts immediately and reward yourself with a sickly latte. Or perhaps you scratch your head like the majority of upright monkeys and reward yourself with a sickly latte. If this is your fate then you need some help from the people at the Design Observer. They are most likely far more astute and well-spoken than you could ever hope to be and therefore can be quoted and name-dropped with gay abandon. They are Michael Bierut (Pentagram), William Drenttel and Jessica Helfad (Winterhouse) and Rick Poynor (scholar). They have a couple of contributing writers and the site is an Artkrush fave. This blog has all the intellectual fodder your caffiene addled brain can handle.

Excellent writing, great thinking and non-"design" design.