I Smoke Responsibly - You Can Too

Smoke Responsibly

This is a poster that's been plastered all over Toronto. Now, I'm all for people spending their time doing what they enjoy. It doesn't hurt anyone and while the economy may slow during smoke breaks no harm is done. This poster however needs to be dissected. It's either:

1. A state sponsored attempt to accept all Cannabis smokers into their system of understanding and tax and thereby suck all the fun out of smoking weed. A sure fire way of getting kids off the green and back into their books.

2. Made by someone who had just smoked a very large reefer. Because no one in their right mind would use this woman as their spokesperson for responsible smoking. Do you see the gleam in her eye? The wrinkles (she's 27)? How many font sizes and colours did they think was appropriate for a message of control and C.A.L.M (which is an acronym from H.E.L.L.).

Their website, appropriately?? named Cannabis Club, is filled with sensitive doctor images and smiling patients (no doubt caused by much C.A.L.M.). I suppose their efforts are purely humanitarian but they should not be inflicting that intro flash animation on anyone. For any reason. No matter how numb they are to pain or critical thought.