Virb is Flat

 Alexa graph

I had super high hopes for Virb. I've been using it as a creative gallery for awhile now and I was hoping that it would get the traction it deserved. It looks good, works easily and they're typically quite chatty on their blog about news.

Except, well, the fabled update never happened. They've stayed focused on Music and Movies and never built the genre specific pages for Art and Design and Everything Else. The site hasn't grown either. It's flat. So whenever I announce new drawings I get an entire extra person checking my site a day. Or I'm super dull.

I won't be deleting my account but I am closing the Tab in Firefox that used to be open 24/7 in the vain hopes of super interesting people. I'll rely on e-mailed notifications from now on. It's a bit sad. Or I'm a bit sad.

I have only two social sites that manage to keep my attention at the moment. Perhaps I'll focus on those for a bit.