Wall's Ice Cream

Every now and then there's a brand project that can't be distilled down to one film. Rather, it's a tidal wave of work created by a multitude of people you'll never meet who follow your direction. That's a global brand campaign in my book.

This is a little sampler of the work seen around the world.

Wall’s ice cream, you may be surprised to learn, is the biggest brand at Unilever. It’s a collection of over 200 hundred ice creams eaten by every culture you can think of that needed one unifying campaign. 

These are Los Scoops. They're wonderfully animated by Passion Pictures and they make me smile.

As Global Creative Director I worked with a very clever team that inherited a rather imaginatively named “Talking Ice Creams” poster campaign and turned it into a global brand experience. 

I was involved in the strategising, concepting, designing and rolling out of almost every touchpoint of the Wall’s brand: from a new Brand Bible and product photography, to fridge displays in Rome, street activations in Sao Paulo, the Swirl stores in Germany, the Euro 2016 social posts for Austria, digital posters in the UK, animated product films for South East Asia, etc. I poked at everything. Several times, in some cases; and there's strong sales growth (July 2016) to show it's working, and more will come I'm sure.

In 2015/2016 over 600 pieces of copy were created that were trying to make people happier, so despite the complexity of the project Wall’s was always full of laughs. What more could you ask for?

Role: Global Creative Director
Credits: Too many to mention