Dove Ad Makeover

This digital campaign for Dove lets Facebook users displace adverts that prey on their insecurities and make them feel bad about themselves. This is the first application that plugs into the Facebook Ad Auction API to outbid negative advertisers for the keywords they typically use to target women. It's now run in Australia, the UK, Brazil and 17 other countries and displaced 3.3 Billion negative ads. It was created in-house at Ogilvy London.

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 Paul Arden Award for Innovation
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 Silver in Creative Technology
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WPP'd Cream 2013
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 Gold in Best use of Data in a Digital Campaign
 Gold in Best Online Display Advertising
 Silver in Best use of Social Media for Brand Building
 Silver in FMCG

Dove Body Language

This is the first of the global integrated campaigns I've been working on for Dove. This is for the launch of some new body lotions. The idea is that body language can show you how a real woman feels about her skin. The campaign is launching worldwide with TV, Print, In-store, Digital and Social assets. Here are the highlights:

The Facebook hub is called "The School of Body Language". Here women can engage with body language (and the product) with the help of experts, quizes, tests, videos and a Body Language App. The Body Language App is a fun, easy messaging tool that lets women share video wall messages written in Body Language. Literally. The app was built by filming 6 real women making letters, numbers and punctuation. (The language moderation is worth testing.) Try it here.


We also used the body language to create an iAd game where you have to beat the clock by guessing the words the Dove real women are forming.

Credit to Ogilvy London, Ogilvy One & Dove Global.

UK Direct Marketing Awards 2011: Best Integrated Campaign - SilverBest Campaign Website - Bronze
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