Castle Lager

Castle Lager DJ

The third commercial for Castle Lager's rebranding campaign was the last. It was shot by Kim Geldenhuys of Egg Films and took place on location in Hillbrow, possibly the most harrowing area in Johannesburg, over 4 days and nights. Some fun facts: the record store was built from scratch in an empty store front and people kept trying to come in and buy things, back in the 70's my father used to go to the club that our hero has his first gig at, cockroaches fell from the ceiling onto the client, 400 people danced at his final concert, the music is a remix of Duran Duran's "Save a Prayer" created for the spot and the rap lyrics were again written by the talented Alison Hingle. If you want the less fun facts you'll need to chat to me sometime.

Castle Lager Soccer

This Castle Lager commercial was created for SAB MIller as part of a major brand strategy shift campaign. Castle Lager was attempting to move from a predominantly white market beer to appeal to a younger, black market. While 90 second and 120 second commercials are rare everywhere, these did run at those lengths. They were written by Alison Hingle.

We shot in Soweto, Lisbon, Istanbul, Rome and Amsterdam.

Awards: Clio Bronze, Loerie Bronze