Hellmann's Real Food Movement

This is a 3 minute mini-documentary we created to examine and debate the Canadian food system. It formed the cornerstone of the 2009 - 2011 Hellmann's campaign, Eat Real, Eat Local.

Hellmann's in Canada is made with canola oil from the Prairies and Canadian eggs, so locally sourced ingredients are a part of the DNA of the product. After the Urban Gardens project in 2007, Hellmann's wanted to take the Real Food Movement national. Championing local foods (Canadian, not 100 mile) became a focus point to try and help Canadian's eat more real foods.

The campaign was launched in May 2009 and has already exceeded the 18 million media impressions target in August, with over 100,000 pledges by Canadians to Eat Real on www.EatRealEatLocal.ca. The documentary has been watched over 100,000 times and has sparked both massive debate in traditional media and social media. Hellmann's gained over 680% in Share of Digital Voice in May and has enjoyed 85% positive chatter.

The biggest fans of the film have been Canadian farmers apparently. 

The campaign elements include: TV, Film, Website, Instore, PR & Social Media.
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Digital Marketing Awards
 Silver for Online Video
 Craft Award for Design
2011 Cassies
 Gold for Best Integrated
 Gold for Sustained Growth
 Grand Prix

PS. Over the three years of the case Hellman's REAL mayonnaise volume grew by 14%, and market share increased from 25% to 29.3% - overtaking market leader Kraft Miracle Whip. These are the best results the brand has ever achieved.