One Year Later He Looked Up

I've had the privilege of hitting my 1 year anniversary at adam&eveDDB this week. It's been a full year and I've missed out on a lot of drawing time in lieu of advertising time. I believe it's mostly been positive and I've learned quite a lot. I'm unfortunately left feeling that not enough has been done. Thankfully, there's another year to look forward to. Thanks a&eDDB.


Four weeks ago I started a new chapter at adam&eveDDB. They're an agency going through a remarkably creative period and I'm very happy to have been asked to join their team and add to their amazing momentum. 

At the same time I've left a company that I worked with for 11 years in 3 countries. I'm incredibly proud of what we achieved together and I wish Ogilvy & Mather nothing but the best. 

Philips Worldwide Account Comes To Ogilvy

It has been a hard year of pitching at Ogilvy London and none was bigger or more prestigious than the Philips pitch that happened over the backend of 2011. It's no understatement to say that this took a staggering amount of effort to be a contender, let alone win. I was lucky to enough to be a very small part of a very committed team from offices  round the world who have done themselves proud. You can read what AdAge have to say about it here. I think a few industry people will be surprised by this result, it's not something you'd expect from Ogilvy. Except it's not your dad's Ogilvy anymore.

Global Timelines

While we've been working hard, there's very little that's gone live since it's all for 2011 and 2012. Therefore my portfolio sits quietly gathering digital dust. Which is a pity since this portfolio was designed to be constantly updated and dynamic and full of content...

It's coming. Trust me. There's a mountain of work.

Brand New Title

From the 1st of January 2010 I have the position of Creative Director Dove Worldwide. I'll be working out of the Ogilvy London office. It promises to be an exciting year.