New Diamond Shreddies

Shreddies cereal was old-fashioned, unchanged, and the brand was declining badly.

New Diamond Shreddies is a textbook case that proves the value of a creative perspective on a business problem.

Business problems can be solved creatively

Canadians didn't think Shreddies was relevant anymore. The 70 year old brand was in steady decline and there was no product innovation to create news or interest in the brand.

The starting point was not a marketing brief, it was the problem our clients needed to solve. The creatives worked closely with the marketing team to ensure that the idea was executed through every element of the brand, including the packaging. Typical marketing briefs from Kraft don't include packaging as a media channel. Yet, this was the key campaign element that dealt directly with the business problem and boosted sales at shelf.

This project delivered 18% growth over the campaign period, is a case study in textbooks and TED talks, and is one of Canada's most recognised campaigns ever. 

The creative perspective

  • Changing perception can deliver massive value for very little investment

  • Assemble a multi-disciplined team to look at your business problems

Packaging design

The product is the centre of this campaign and putting a new cereal box on shelf across Canada added a truth to the story that no other medium could match.



Most of the social media and press response was directed at these billboards. The public either thought they were hilarious or outrageous. 

The full campaign


~ Grand Clio
~ Clio Gold
The Cassies
~ Grand Prix
~ 2 Golds
~ Cannes Bronze Campaign Film Lion
~ Shortlist Titanium & Integrated Lions
D&AD in the book
One Show Bronze Pencil
London International Gold & Bronze
Applied Arts Annual
CMA Gold

Credits & Links

Ogilvy Toronto
Kraft Foods / Post Cereals

Click here to see the response videos on YouTube.

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