Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise turned an ingredient story into a marketing and business success that still lives 10 years later.  

The Real Food Movement

Hellmann's had set itself the target of overtaking Kraft Miracle Whip as market leader in Canada. It's point of difference is that it's made with actual ingredients (eggs, oil and vinegar) but consumer research showed us that people were absolutely cynical about foods that claimed they were "real". However, with the word "Real" on the label, Hellmann's had no choice but to change perceptions around their product or miss their business targets.

Create momentum

In 2007, we created the Hellmann's Urban Gardens project. The aim was to help average Canadians who lived in urban areas grow their own vegetables in the city as well as supporting existing community gardens. It launched in 5 cities with a massive DM and In-Store effort and hundreds of people wrote essays to apply for their allotments. That year Hellmann's grew share in a shrinking market.

In 2009, Hellmann's took the Real Food Movement national, championing Canadian grown foods. We launched with a 3 minute mini-documentary that examined the Canadian food system. It formed the cornerstone of the 2009 - 2011 Hellmann's campaign, Eat Real, Eat Local. The campaign was launched in May 2009 and had exceeded it's media targets by August, with over 100,000 pledges by Canadians to Eat Real. It was an emotional topic of discussion in the newspapers and food industry, but importantly the brand always supported the campaign at shelf  - making it easier to eat more real foods through promotions, education and giveaways.

PR, in-store, DM, product, content, social and film combined to create user journeys that always ended in positive interactions that delivered on Hellmann's commitment to helping Canadians eat more real foods.

Turn cynics into believers

Without Hellmann's belief and decision to support Canadian grown foods through it's product and sourcing strategy, a cynical public wouldn't have helped Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise become the number one brand in Canada within 3 years, with a 5% increase in market share and 14% increase in volume sales.

The creative perspective

  • How you run your business can be your most important communication tool

  • Repeating successesful ideas builds momentum that delivers greater value over time

  • Integrated teams need to deliver all the way to the shelf

Campaign Elements

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