Amnesty International

Organisations are constantly refining their strategies and stories, but communicating these new narratives is usually left to an uninspiring mood film and press release. To launch Amnesty International's first global strategy we created products that told the story far more eloquently. 

Crafting ideas

Amnesty International's first global strategy asked it's organisation and audience to rally around three main efforts: Women's Sexual Rights, Arms Trade & Wrongful Imprisonment. Volunteer organisations with offices across the world are incredibly complex, with very different viewpoints and missions. As part of the communication effort we decided to embody the strategy in objects.

In an increasingly digital world we underestimate the power of touch. It's been shown that ownership of an object increases it's perceived value, and so it follows that creating products that embody powerful stories creates more value than an idea by itself.

The creative team worked with world renowned toy designers, coarse, to create beautiful and disturbing wax candle sculptures. As the wax melts away a bronze sculpture representing the good that Amnesty International achieve with their global programs is revealed. 

Selling these limited edition of these art objects on eBay managed to create free PR and celebrity endorsement that far exceeded the investment in the product itself. Symbolically, they can be held up as a tangible example of Amnesty International's new mission statement.

Powerful storytelling objects

We love great objects yet brands very rarely use them to articulate their point of view. Creating storytelling objects requires a very different skill set and perspective from normal communication channels but they're worth considering when you need to get people's attention.

The creative perspective

  • How you craft the communication can add tremendous value to the message

  • Get the right creative team to think about your message

  • Internal audiences need symbols they can understand and believe in

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